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100% British Mated Queens

British Mix
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May until September 2019 

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  • significant winter hardiness
  • Consumes less stores
  • low tendency to swarm
  •  Very gentle
  • defensive against invaders including wasps
  • strong drive to collect pollen
  • Long life span of the worker bees and queen
  • excellent flight strength even in cold weather
  • possibly hardiness against varroa ( Not Proved)
  • Do Not Confuse These Queens With British Black AMM They are not.
    They are random grafted from hives that have over wintered well with good temperament  and open mated
  • This is the laying pattern I like to see before I remove a newly mated queen from the mini mating Nucs. Each frame in half a Langstroth medium. It has been proved that queens allowed to lay for 21 days before being removed develop into great queens

    The British Mix is a Queen Grafted from 1 of 8 hives that have over wintered well with a laying Queen and to be found gentle and productive and suited to the area. I have not tracked mating or parentage just find them to be a pleasant bee to work with

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