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Here In the UK there has been little or no help & Information regarding II except for web info based in the states.
All equipment has had to be bought from the USA or Germany and any questions have had to be emailed or a long search and trial and error.
That has all changed now UK based training help & information is now at hand I will also be stocking everything needed to complete II..

 Here I will give as much information as I can so you can carry out sucsesful Instrumental Insemination.
We run courses every year and to be honest you do need to go on a course it will save you many 100s of £££ in the long run and many many hours of wasted time and virgin Queen.


As far as we know we run the only II course in the UK

Instrumental insemination continues to gain use . This has been a growing trend worldwide but is now gaining pace in the UK as training is now on hand, in the UK
We hold one or two training courses every year here at our base in Corsock Nr Dumfries Scotland.
In our training room we have all the equiptment you need so if you do not already have you own our is at hand we also use the latest Harbo Syringes.

The necessary equipment consists of the insemination device, a syringe for the sperm transfer, a stereomicroscope, a cold-light-source and the anesthetizing device to immobilizing the queen bee.
We will train you on every stage so there will be dought when you leave you will be able carry on your own Inseminations. If you are ever unsure we will give you unlimited telephone back up.

When you know how the actual Insemination of the Queen bee is very simple and fast to do.
One thing to consider is the seamen collection from mature drone but with a little forward planning getting you drones should not be a problem. You need to decided what hive you want to use to raise the drones from so you can further improve you stock. You can do this by confining the queen to a frame started form drone foundation.

 We supply all the Virgin Queens you will need and all the fertile Drones any Queens you use are yours to take home with you.
Our training room also has the latest HD projectors and 50" plasma screens to show clear demos of every stage.

I get asked a lot what do i need to do II at home so I have put together a shopping list. I hope to stock around 90% of everything you need and to keep it as cheap as possible for you but without cutting the quality. 

During artifcial insemination of the queen bee, various tools are used with
a wide range of recommended tools. This can easily confuse beginners and
complicate matters more than necessary. I have therefore assembled a list
to aid in this process..
Equipment and tools for the artifcial insemination of queen bees:
1) Functional and correctly adjusted insemination device  
( Will be Stocking)
2) Insemination syringe checked (Needles, seal, spare parts on hand) ( Will be Stocking)
3) Stereomicroscope in working order (10-15x magnifcation) ( Will be Stocking)
4) Functional cold light (spare bulb) ( Will be Stocking)
5) Carbonic dioxide gas equipment ready to use, CO2-cartridge ( Will be Stocking)
and/or flled gas cylinder
6) Pressure cooker for sterilizing needles, syringe parts, and cotton ( best buy Ebay)
7) Disposable syringes 2-10 ml with rubber plunger and needles 
( Will be Stocking)
8) Sharp scissors, screwdriver, hex wrench and wire brush
9) Petri dish (fat glass dish with cover, Ø 100 mm) 
( Will be Stocking)
10) Wooden tooth pick, round and pointed, as well as cotton balls
11) Drone cage made of blocking wire (a honey jar will sufce) Easy to make at home
12) Physiological common salt solution 100-500 ml, 0,9%ig 
( Will be Stocking)
13) 1 Liter distilled water ( Best buy Halfords)
14) Isopropyl alcohol, 100 ml 70%  (Best buy ebay)
15) Cellulose paper towels and aluminum foil
16) Dish soap, better yet special cleaner
All parts to come in contact with the sperm must be completely clean and
sterile. The pressure cooker remains the best method (wrap parts in
aluminum foil and during the steam process on the highest setting, hold
over water for 15-20 minutes–see picture).