Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020
Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020
Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020
Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020
Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020

Instrumental Insemination 2 Day comprehensive 2020

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Instrumental Insemination in Bee Breeding Course
Comprehensive 2 day course
dealing with all elements & aspects
Pay only £100 Deposit On Booking Balance of £200 Payable On or Before The Course
Balance payable 1 month prior by Bank Transfer  
Or on course day by Cash Only

2020 Course Information and Fees
All A.I. courses are limited to a maximum of 5 Students
95% Hands on

comprehensive 2 day course dealing with all elements & aspects
of Artificial Insemination of Queen Bees. We leave no stone unturned in this course and by the end of this course every student will have the confidence and knowledge to Inseminate Queens on their own at home with their own equipment with practise
we will also cover where to obtain everything you need to compete insemination.

All the equipment you need to complete the course will be provided including an ample supply of Virgin Queens & Drones.
We use all Schley equipment with all the latest updates 

The Course will be over 2 days Saturday & Sunday or mid week
The first day will be starting at 9:45am until 5:00pm with breaks for Lunch and snacks
Sunday will be 9:45am till 4:30pm this will be a very intense course to cram in 3 days training in to 2 days

The course designed to help individuals learn the science of instrumental insemination and the art of perfecting this valuable technique. Ample opportunities for individual instruction and plenty of practice will be provided. Course attendance is limited to maximize the benefits of a small group setting and provide the best individual instruction. Each student will have a complete II kit to use and a Harbo syringe for the full 2 days Queens provided

  • Instrumental Insemination can be carried out by anyone it is a fairly simple process all that is needed is good initial tuition and practise.
  • It can replace a percentage of your traditional mating Nucs.
  • During seasons of bad weather Queen Production can carry on.
The need for Queen Producers to use and benefit from Instrumental Insemination has grown enormously over the last few years. Too many seasons now Queens have been poorly mated only to find that they are superseded or fail early.
With Instrumental Insemination you can guarantee that the Queens receives the correct amount of semen and will head successful Honey producing colonies of Bees.

Studies have found that Instrumentally Inseminated Queen preform equally or better than naturally mated Queens.
You can also breed in traits that you are looking for such as Varroa Hygiene or gentleness.
Correctly trained and practiced you can inseminate up to 10 Queens per hour working an 8 hour day you have the possibility of producing around 80 mated Queens per day. This would give you an enormous saving on mating Nucs and the production of bees to fill them and easily justify any investment in time and equipment needed.
Many large scale Queen Producers from every continent on earth have visited us over the last few years we have been offering training and we are being told that they are now producing many   hundreds of the queens using Instrumental Insemination.
Key Benefits
  • Properly Mated Queens
  • Production Costs lowered
  • Ability to produce Varroa Hygienic Bees
  • Breeder Queen Production
  • Ability to boost production
  • To maintain strain purity

Demand for this course will be high so book early
All Queens Inseminated will be yours to take home

You will receive a certificate for this course
Light Lunch Teas & Coffees Included on both days.

£100 deposit NON Refundable
~This is a NON Residential Course you will have to make your own arrangements list of B&B
see our site www.instrumentalinsemination for details of places to stay
Location: Corsock, Scotland
Registration: £300 — Two full days of instruction
£100 Deposit £200 Balance

Visit Our II Resource Site 


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