Beginners Introduction To Beekeeping Course 2020

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One Day Introduction To Beekeeping
Beginners Beekeeping Course


Want to keep Bees this is the place to start…

I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for beekeeping with new beekeepers.
The beginner’s one day course is designed to provide an introduction to the world of honeybees & beekeeping.
The course will to cover the basics of what is needed for you to start beekeeping and to keep hives
productive and healthy. It is set up with the beginner in mind
but will also provide a good update for people with some experience that may have fallen behind.

The course runs from 10:00am to 4:30pm with a lunch break, Light lunch provided
Teas & Coffee in constant supply.

The class will be divided into four sections:

Morning Section 1 will cover the biology and life cycle of the honeybee.
Understanding the workings of the colony is key to knowing what is normal when we examine a hive.
We will learn about the different castes of bees, the queen, workers and drones,
their roles in the life of the colony and what to look for when inspecting a hive.

Break For Teas & Coffee

Morning Section 2 will cover two main areas: beekeeping equipment and working with bees.
We will present the various options available in the types of beehives and the advantages and
disadvantages of each.
We will also talk about how to examine colonies. Emphasis will be on determining the status of the
colony and what it needs.
We will talk about what a good brood pattern looks like and how to check whether colonies need to be fed
or need to be given extra supers for storing surplus honey. 

Break for Lunch

Afternoon Section 3 will cover seasonal management. We will go through "a year in the life" of the colony
and will talk about what to expect and what needs to be done during each season of the beekeeping year.
We will also cover management of diseases and pests of honeybees
the new diseases and parasites that affect our bees today.

Afternoon Section 4: Hands on with the bees when we will open an active colony of bees
and examine frames of brood honey and pollen we will also find the Queen.
You will also get to handle the frames of bees
If the weather or time of year is not on our side for opening a hive
you will have the opportunity to come back as a group or individually to have the hands on experience.

There will be ample time to answer any questions and help.

What is included:
  • 10am - 4.30pm
  • Full day workshop
  • Welcome Pack & Notes
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments Including homemade Honey cake also a homemade Lunch
  • Indoors and outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Bee Suits & Gloves Provided


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