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Welcome to The Bee Man Honey Bees & Queens

We are more than just a business selling Honey Bees & Queens! Sure it keeps the lights on but it's so much more of a lifestyle and that is why we are so different to every other seller of bees and Queens. We run Beekeeping courses for the very beginner to the very advanced. We hold regular FREE half day courses here in Corsock that are also social gatherings for the Beekeeping community from all over the UK. We / I care more about the bees than the actual Business side of things but don't get me wrong I still have to feed my family. During the summer months I produce weekly video's on everything Beekeeping Published On YOUTUBE and Facebook. But my main passion is producing Queen Bees that are good Honey Producers Overwinter well and are gentle and a joy to work with. Our Beginners Beekeeping Courses run 2 or 3 times a month on weekdays and weekends. Packed with all the information you need to start beekeeping.