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Quality Buckfast Mated Queen Bee

High Quality Open Mated
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Buckfast Mated Queen Bee

May Until September 2018
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Character and behavior
Open Mated



  • Considered to be gentle and non-aggressive
  • Good Sense of orientation considered better than other honey bee strains
  • Less drifting of bees 
  • Able to overwinter in smaller numbers 
  • honey stores are conserved during winter months
  • Able to quickly adapt to changes in the environment
  • Calm & steady on the comb
  • Brood rearing is reduced when available forage decreases
  • Low use of propolis
  • can be fairly resistant to brood diseases
  • Do well in areas with strong spring nectar flow and early pollination such as areas with rape seed
  • Forage earlier in the morning and later in the evening, and on cool, wet days.
  • Workers can live up to 11% longer than other breeds
  • They overwinter well produce good honey crops of honey.
  • Early In the season or in times of local poor weather conditions we may sell mated Queens from trusted EU breeders who meet our standards to avoid any confusion if the Queens may be from the EU or our own mated Queens we sell all these queens as if they are from the EU.


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